Terms & Conditions

Allergens and Quality:

Our food is made in a kitchen that uses nuts, gluten, shellfish and lactose ingredients.

We always do our best to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that any potential allergens and dietary risks are listed on our product pages.

We also perform taste tests in-store to lower the chances of our products causing any issues and ensure that they are up to our standards.

Please take note of the above while choosing your items; all menu items are consumed/handled at your own risk; we cannot take responsibility for any issues arising from allergies/intolerances through the consumption/handling of our products.


Due to the nature of our food items, we cannot offer returns as we have no way of verifying whether or not the items in question have been tampered, contaminated or suffered any other loss in quality after collection.


In the event that you discover any foreign, non-food related objects in our items, we will refund you for the full amount and replace the offending item, free of charge if you wish.