Tasting menu

May, June 2024 Tasting - Han Sang Charim R370 per head 

We are introducing a typical Korean set of meal, Han Sang Charim, a bowl of multi grain rice, broth/soup of day, 1 protein oriented main and complimenting preserves and other sides. We serve one or two mains and broth/soup a day depending on seasonality and availability. We believe we can serve more varieties fresher in this way. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE WHEN YOU BOOK A TABLE.

May menu includes lots of people’s favorites from our kitchen in Salt River, Parliament Street and Constantia Uitsig. Gradually some of those will be replaced by something new. Please ask your waitron today’s special.

Multi grain rice is blended with white/brown/black rice and/or quinoa, barley, oat, red bean, mung bean, millet.


Group 1 - Proteins of the day

  • Beef bulgogi - beef marinaded with Korean bbq sauce and vegetables
  • Rolled egg omelette
  • Spicy pork - slowly cooked pork shank and root vegetables in gochujang based sweet spicy sauce
  • Samgyeoupsal - pan fried pork rasher with dips and ssam(vegetable wraps)
  • [V/GF] Tofu kimchi - lightly fried tofu and stir fried kimchi (*blanched tofu is available on request)
  • [P] Egg battered and pan fried cape bream bites dressed with yuzu lime vinaigrette


Group 2 - broth/soup/stew of the day

  • [V/GF available] Kimchi jjige or Budae jjige (Korean military base stew) with extra sausage and baked beans
  • Dak gom tang - chicken broth with meat and lightly spicy onion yangnyeom
  • [P] Cape bream & mushroom broth
  • [P] Miso soup or [V] deonjang guk


Sides of 3 from below will be selected by chef based on today’s main and broth

  • [V/GF] today’s kimchi/sauerkraut/other lacto fermented or soy preserved vegetables
  • [V/GF] roast gim
  • Beef & qual egg / chick pea jorim
  • [V] cucumber and seaweed salad
  • [V/GF available] savory pancake
  • [V] japche -stir fried glass noodles with mushrooms and vegetables


Small sweet 

  • Red bean and Newlands chestnut filled bung-eo-pang - fish shape cake
  • Mochi donuts, white chocolate
  • Chocolate - pine nut and black garlic dark chocolate, honey and insam milk chocolate, mesilju coming soon



Korean Fried chicken & rice R 160
Beef Bulgogi & rice  R 170/200 
Beef Japche (sweet potato glass noodles) R 155/170
Chicken dumpling soup R 160

Side dumplings R 60-90
Side kimchi/pickles R 50

* We may close if there is no bookings.
* Items and prices may change anytime without notice.